Welcome to Phyllis Barber's website (and, by the way, the above quote is in response to How I Got Cultured: A Nevada Memoir, which was cited in 2012 by TheBrowser.com as one of the top five books written about Las Vegas).


***Barber's newest book, To the Mountain: One Mormon Woman's Search for Spirit, has been released from Quest Books. It is the story of the author's twenty-year hiatus from Mormonism and her visits with shamans in Peru and Ecuador; Tibetan Buddhist monks in North India and Tibet; a variety of Baptist congregations in Arkansas, Missouri, Utah, and South Carolina; megachurches; charismatic Christian congregations, travels with godddess worshipers in the Yucatan, and much more. The book's purpose is to demonstrate how we can not only tolerate a variety of ideas in the spiritual realm, but can learn from their wisdom.

 Official book trailer on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=phyllis+barber+to+the+mountain


Barber's latest essay, "Great Basin DNA," appears in the Fall Issue of Weber: The Contemporary West.


Another new Barber essay, "Bounty," can be found in the new anthology, Utah Reflections: Stories from the Wasatch Front, History Press.